The Team

In a Glance

ATL Technology, L.L.C. is a privately owned, global company that for 20+ years has provided engineered interconnect solutions to the medical, consumer and industrial sectors.

We are focused on creating long-term strategic partnerships that will produce innovative, high-quality products. The innovations and advancements made by over 70 engineers in the U.S., Costa Rica and China have been used to push what we are capable of providing for our customers.

We offer turnkey production that allows us to have confidence in the quality of the equipment that we design for our clients. We can certify that the bits and pieces that make up our product are ATL standard as they are designed, prototyped, and tested by our qualified engineering team. ATL Technology is a global company that can expertly provide for your manufacturing and industrial needs. ATL has a mission to promote the values of transparency, urgency, teamwork and dependability. We are solution driven and center our decisions on what is best for our customers.

Our History

In 1993, ATL Technology, LLC was founded in Utah and originally produced cabling and docking stations. That same year, it started doing business with its first two major customers, Dayna and Novell. Although both of those companies have since been acquired by others, ATL has only grown bigger. In 1994, it began designing and manufacturing connectors and docking systems to be used by PDAs for Megahertz, now a part of Palm.

These successes allowed ATL to expand overseas, establishing a logistics office in Hong Kong and partnering with foreign companies just a few short years after being founded. The company continued to grow, taking on more major contracts as it worked to establish itself as a turnkey in different industries. 2002 brought the success of ATL’s first medical production as they moved into the industry, applying experienced engineers to new fronts.

This became a very stable place for production, helping to add to the foundation of dependable work that ATL Technology was built on. In the following years, one of the factories in China that had been previously partnered with came under the ownership of ATL. This is just one of the steps that the company has taken to reach out to customers around the world. However, reaching them is only half the battle.

Throughout the years, ATL Technology has worked hard to produce according to industry quality and safety requirements. They strive to make a product that also lives up to every standard of the client, including expectations of service, delivery and support. ATL welcomes frequent audits and reviews, doing what they can to ensure that clients can feel confident that they have the best working for them.