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ATL Technology CHINA
Xi Xin road, Xi Tou Village, Kang Le Nan Main Road
Houjie Town, Dong Guan City, Guan Dong Province,
China PC .523952

+86-769-8863 3868

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Facility Capabilities
  • Wire Extrusion
    • Construction of primary conductor and insulation.
    • Cable Bundling/Jacketing, including: Fiber Optics, Multiconductor, Tube, Twisted Pair, Thermoplastic
  • insulation and TeflonĀ© insulation.
  • CoExtrusion, including: Single Lumen, Multi Lumen, Side by Side Electrical/Tubing and Zip Cord, Braided, Foil, and Spiral shielding
  • Spiral Wrapping for PTFE, Mylar and PE
  • Tubing Extrusion
    • CoExtrusion with Single Lumen, Multi Lumen, Side by Side Electrical/Tubing and Zip Tubing
    • Themoplastic Single and Multi Lumens
  • PCBA
    • SMT
    • Automated Solder Paste Screening
    • Automated Pick and Place
    • Reflow Ovens
    • Through-hole Components
    • Wave Flow Soldering
    • Automated In-line video inspection
    • Conformal Coat
  • Vertical and Horizontal Injection Molding
  • Assembly
    • Cable, Device, and Component
    • Controlled environment, clean and non-clean rooms
    • Manufacturing and Secondary Operations, including: Crimping, Heat Staking, Hot Stamping, Labeling, Laser Marking, Metal Machining (CNC milling, EDM and Conventional), Pad Printing, Soldering, Solvent Bonding, Tack Welding, Ultrasonic Welding, UV Curing, Thermocouple Manufacturing and Wire Stripping.
    • Automated Crimping, Cutting, Stripping, Pin Loading and Soldering
    • Kitting
    • Pouch and Tray/Lid Packaging
    • Heat and Ultrasonic Sealing
    • Shipper and Shelf Box Pack Out
  • Engineering
    • Product Design and Development
    • Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering
    • Medical Product and Component Design and Development
    • Custom Interconnect Expertise
  • Storage
    • KanBan
    • Warehousing
    • Distribution