The ATL Difference

At ATL, we believe everything must benefit our customers. Starting with top-tier interconnect expertise from our technical sales, engineering and customer success teams we have a deep understanding of market/customer needs and collaborate as a partner for superior outcomes,
but never act superior.

Connecting to people who care is the first ingredient of the ATL difference and the basis of what we offer you.

Next, you get help from salespeople who are probably an engineer too. Then you’ll work with an engineering team that can help you develop your ideas or provide custom interconnect thinking and design. It all happens with the spirit of collaboration so you get the highest level of creative and analytical thinking. Alongside our engineers are our customer success team making sure timelines and logistics are all taken care of.

Because we work hard to truly connect with our customers, we are highly confident in your and our success with an interconnect project. Success can be limited to one party or the other but in the grand scheme of things, no one really succeeds that way.  Let us show you how connecting with ATL will make a difference. Call us or click contact today. You’ll be happy you did!


Under the direction of a  project manager in constant connection with you, an integrated team of mechanical, electrical and manufacturing engineers is chosen to work side-by-side with your engineers on their project from inception to delivery. This guarantees our clients get what they need for their product and the highest level of consistency and dedication.


With decades of engineering expertise, the cross-disciplinary team provides innovative engineering proficiency, savvy design and proprietary processes to guarantee delivery of an application-ready solution that exceeds expectations.


Connecting strategy to solutions. Our strategies are built to collaborate with you and ensure success for both you and your project. Our solutions are carefully vetted by engineers and designers to provide outcomes you expected. In the end, our aim is to take the pain of product development off our customer’s shoulder—so they can focus on their products market success.


Once all requirements and specs are met, each prototype is reviewed by both our customers and dedicated engineering staff. Leveraging ATL’s global manufacturing facilities, when approved, production begins and ends under the constant supervision of quality engineers to ensure a product that encapsulates everything essential to fulfilling the client’s needs.

Want to see how the ATL way would benefit you?

Want to see how the ATL way would benefit you?