ATL’s Top 5 Blog Posts of 2020

2020 was a wild year.

The COVID-19 pandemic shocked the world.

Healthcare systems were pushed beyond their limits.

Economies faltered.

But amid the chaos, we saw something incredible.

We saw frontline healthcare workers put their lives on the line to save others.

We saw medical device organizations work together to bring the world much needed testing supplies and personal protective equipment.

We saw researchers across the globe team up to do the impossible: produce a vaccine for a completely novel virus in under one year.

2020 was a year of uncertainty, but it was also a year that will stand as a testament to the tenacity of the human race.

During 2020, medical device organizations were thrust into the spotlight and given the opportunity to flex their innovative muscles.

Not only did they deliver; they exceeded the hype.

We tried our best to not only keep up with, but stay ahead of, the changing environment and provide valuable content that would support our friends in the industry during these tumultuous times.

Many of the blog posts we published during the past year reflect the medical device industry’s push to create wireless/remote treatment options and reevaluate their global supply chains.

That being said, we’re happy to present our top 5 blog posts of 2020.

Minimally Invasive Devices: An Overview

The minimally invasive market is big, and it’s expected to get even bigger over the next few years.

As this is one of the primary markets that ATL serves, we wrote this blog post to help our customers develop a better understanding of the minimally invasive market.

IoT-Based Patient Monitoring Systems: An Overview

The Internet of Things (“IoT”) is made up of billions of “smart” products, including medical devices.

As the world worked to slow the spread of the virus, healthcare and medical device organizations around the globe tapped into the IoT to improve their diagnostic and treatment capabilities.

In this post, we explore the different ways IoT medical devices are transforming healthcare.

Interconnect Diagrams: A Comprehensive Infographic

Interconnect diagrams can be confusing, even to those in the industry.

As a company that specializes in developing interconnect-based devices, we created this infographic to help demystify the different forms of schematic and siring diagrams.

What are the components of a patient monitoring system?

The COVID-19 pandemic drove medical device companies to rethink patient monitoring technology.

As the cause of spread remained uncertain, medical device companies made innovations in the field of remote patient monitoring.

In this post, we discussed the fundamental components of patient monitoring systems and some of the challenges associated with developing patient monitoring devices.

Reshoring Advantages and Disadvantages [For Medical Devices]

COVID-19 was a global pandemic that disrupted medical device manufacturing supply chains around the world.

As an organization with major facilities in three different countries, we received many questions about “reshoring” and “nearshoring” medical device manufacturing operations.

In our top blog post of the year, we walked through the advantages and disadvantages of reshoring.

Thank you!

From everyone here at ATL, thank you for all of your support through 2020!

We look forward to providing you with more valuable content in 2021 and beyond.