Electrophysiology Medical Devices

Electrophysiology medical devices are improving diagnosis and treatment capabilities of healthcare practitioners around the globe.

As sensor and catheter technology within the electrophysiology devices market continues to improve, the need for complex interconnect solutions that can ensure accurate data transmission between the device and the computer has become increasingly important.

Our engineer-to-engineer approach means you work directly with a technical expert to overcome this challenge and develop the custom interconnect solution necessary to enable your electrophysiology medical device reach peak performance.

Introducing ATL’s Ultra High Density Interconnect Solution

Electrophysiology Mapping Devices

Innovations in electrophysiology medical devices that are in the mapping space have helped reduce the risks associated with traditional X-Ray techniques while improving diagnostic output.

By creating a three-dimensional map of the heart, electrophysiology mapping devices enable doctors to accurately identify arrhythmia and guide themselves during non-diagnostic procedures (e.g., ablation, etc.).

Ensuring that the data collected by an electrophysiology mapping device is accurately transmitted to the computer requires an extensive understanding of interconnect systems.

At ATL, we’ve used our engineer-to-engineer approach to develop complex interconnect solutions that enable cutting-edge mapping devices to reach peak performance.

Electrophysiology Ablation Devices

Heart arrythmia impacts the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Cutting-edge electrophysiology ablation devices are helping health care practitioners treat problems like atrial fibrillation by disrupting the electrical passages that cause the heart to beat abnormally.

Powering these devices and ensuring accurate radio-frequency transmission from the capital equipment to the tip of the device is vital to procedural outcomes.

We leverage our interconnect expertise to help our customers develop an interconnect solution that meets the precise power and transmission requirements of the ablation environment.


Interconnect for an electrophysiology device developed in partnership with ATL.

Cradle-to-Grave Project Management

Successful electrophysiology medical devices can spend years in the market and lay the groundwork for future innovations.

Finding a supply partner who can provide technical support from cradle-to-grave can be difficult.

At ATL, you work directly with our hands-on engineering team from the moment the first design is created to the moment the last component is produced.

We internalize your project goals and strive to be your pillar throughout the lifetime of the product.

To learn more about how ATL can partner with you to bring your electrophysiology device to market, contact us today.


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