What is an “engineer-to-engineer” approach?

Engineer-to-engineer means you work directly with our hands-on engineering team to design, develop, and manufacture your complete medical device solution.

It’s the essence of a customer-centric organization and one of the reasons the top medical device companies in the world repeatedly choose ATL to bring their energy-driven devices to market.

When working with ATL, our customers get a partner who will work hand-in-hand with them to ensure success throughout the development process and product life cycle.

We seek to develop relationships in which our engineers work transparently with our customers to solve issues and provide solutions for products that improve lives.

Our engineer-to-engineer approach enables us to do this.

Designing with the end in mind

To engineer the outcome of any product, you must begin with the end in mind.

This is especially true with energy-driven devices, where the interconnect solution is a critical component of the device function.

When engineers and designers begin a project with the intent of using an off-the-shelf interconnect offering, they reduce their ability to engineer a solution.

An engineer-to-engineer relationship means you work with an expert from the start—through every design phase of every project.

Working directly with an engineer means considering a myriad of factors about your device to ensure that your custom-engineered solution matches your exact needs and requirements.

At ATL, we leverage our engineer-to-engineer approach and experience developing custom solutions from the cable and connector to the complete handheld device to overcome the challenges of the energy-driven device market.

Some of these factors include:

  • Use case scenarios for the product.
  • The equipment that is driving the product.
  • What solution is needed to properly connect the proximal end of the device to the distal end.

Developing with a holistic approach

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, engineers are being forced to find better ways to bring devices to market.

Within the energy-driven device market, where engineers are faced with increasingly challenging projects (such as improving data transmission quality while maintaining the physical size of the connector or cable), any improvements made to the development process can boost project outcomes and accelerate timelines.

Our engineer-to-engineer approach means hands-on development teams physically working together to bring your device to market, helping you streamline your development process.

What’s more, the firsthand knowledge gained during device development, coupled with our knowledge of CGMP and other manufacturing standards, enables us to identify gaps in the manufacturing process prior to the product getting to the manufacturing floor.

Manufacturing for performance and quality

Getting your energy-driven device into the hands of the right people at the right time requires vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities and expertise.

Our engineer-to-engineer approach means your project is seamlessly transitioned from concept to full-scale production.

It means we utilize continuous improvement techniques to ensure the manufacturing process continues to evolve and improve and that we strategically consider and adopt alternative components to create the best possible product.

Supporting you throughout the product lifecyle

The lifetime of medical device product lines is measured in years—not weeks or months.

Getting professional engineering, manufacturing, sales, and project management support for devices that can be on the market for longer than a decade can be difficult.

Our engineer-to-engineer approach means you receive hands-on engineering support starting on day one and ending only after the last part is produced.

From cradle to grave, we’ll work to be your trusted partner.


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