The Cost of Interconnect Solutions

In every aspect of our daily life, can you count the number of times you ask yourself some version of the question, “how much does that cost?” The development of a medical interconnect solution is no different.

At ATL, we get asked regularly to ‘ballpark’ pricing. The challenge is juggling international standards, marketing desires, generalizing material costs and manufacturing parameters, while ensuring we adhere to the requirements set forth by the FDA and other international agencies and regulations.

Price of a connector is based on factors such as the FDA’s 21 CFR, IEC 60601 requirements and the physician’s user preferences—not to mention materials, engineering and manufacturing hours and remaining consistent with the design team’s vision of the product line.

Once the parameters for an interconnect solution are identified, we love providing our customers a price that will enable them to produce a product that will save a life, track a heartbeat, power a device or connect disparate pieces of equipment.

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