Connections are a commodity—expected to work every time. No matter the novelty or functionality of a device, the consumer experience suffers if the connection to power, video or whatever is offered isn’t consistent and reliable. ATL Technology’s customized interconnects (wire and connectors) are so seamless the consumer won’t think twice about their connection—and isn’t that the goal? Learn more about how ATL can do this for you.

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Areas of Expertise:

  • High-speed Datacom connectors, cables and interconnect systems
  • Magnetically coupled interconnects
  • Engineering and production of charging solutions—including docking bays & “blind mate” connections
  • Manufacturable Industrial designs and styling


  • Latching and locking—sealed and unsealed interconnects
  • Flexible, high-life interconnects that meet RoHS, WEEE and Proposition 65 requirements.
  • IP and NEMA-rated sealed connections
  • Custom designs to specific application requirements—outperforming “off-the-shelf” solutions in cost and specification attainment
  • High-quality over-molded interconnect assemblies—provides superior bend relief, strain relief, sealing and aesthetics

Current Applications:

  • BOW-BOW (Body Worn, Battery Operated, WIFI) devices
  • Charging, syncing and data transfer
  • Solar-charged battery operated devices
  • Automotive accessory interconnects
  • Child safety products
  • Audio/Video connections
  • Health/Activity monitors