From industrial components to law enforcement tools and aftermarket automotive products, ATL designs and develops interconnects so your products can connect—and stay connected. With our durable and reliable connections, your customers can fully experience the convenience and ease of your device or product.

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Areas of Expertise:

  • High-speed datacom connectors, cables and interconnect systems
  • Custom cables – Combining multiple functions (i.e. power, signal, fluidic/pneumatic and fiber) in a single custom interconnect
  • Environmentally-sealed interconnects for harsh environments


  • Engineering, termination, assembly and overmolding of custom interconnects
  • IP and NEMA-rated sealed connections
  • Custom connector engineering for cost-effective “design to application” solutions
  • Custom designs to specific application requirements—outperforming “off-the-shelf” solutions in cost and specification attainment
  • Solar charged battery operated devices

Current Applications:

  • Automotive: in-cabin and under-hood
  • Outdoor, electronic “Jumbotron” displays
  • Non-lethal personal defense
  • Interconnect systems for vehicle monitoring and control
  • Power, charging and datacom