No power, or possibly worse—signal interruptions in a wire feeding critical information—can prove disastrous for a patient’s procedure outcome, doctor’s ability to diagnose or heal and device-maker’s business. ATL Technology specializes in interconnects that reliably provide critical digital and analog signals, data, power and more to medical devices. These superior connections provide the best possible outcomes for everyone.

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Areas of Expertise:

  • Engineering and production of cost-efficient OTU (one-time use) interconnect assemblies for single use applications
  • Proprietary “Use Limiting” and “genuine article authentication” technologies to protect revenue stream of your disposables
  • Materials expertise for component compatibility with all types of sterilization and sanitation systems
  • Video/vision diagnostic catheters


  • Compact, standard and custom, high-density IEC 60601 MOPP1, MOPP2 and touch-proof compliant custom interconnects
  • Locking (active and passive) interconnects compliant with IEC 60601 requirements for cardiac applications
  • Highly flexible, high-life interconnect cables meeting RoHS, WEEE and Proposition 65 requirements
  • Autoclave tolerant, durable interconnect assemblies for multi-use devices.
  • Custom cable solutions incorporating power, data, fiber-optic, fluidic/pneumatic into single cable and interconnects

Current Applications:

Patient Monitoring
• EKG/ECG Heart
• Blood Pressure
• SPO2 Blood Oxygen

• Mapping Catheters
• Ablation Catheters

Minimally Invasive
• IVUS Catheters
• ICE Catheters

• Instracranial Pressure Monitoring
• Nerve/Brain/Gastric Stimulators

Pain Management
• Radiofrequency Ablation Devices
• Simulators