Vertical Integration

Support from concept to production.

As medical devices become more complex they require advanced systems that can provide power and transmit data accurately.

At the heart of these advanced systems is the interconnect solution—the cable assemblies, connectors, and other components—which is responsible for powering the device and ensuring that the data being transmitted from the device to the computer (and vice versa) is reliable.

Developing the right interconnect solution for your device and establishing a manufacturing process around it requires knowledge of polymers, electromechanics, product development, operations, and many other fields.

Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities combined with our extensive experience bringing energy-driven devices to market allows us to provide end-to-end support for devices where the interconnect is a driver of device function.

With operations around the world, we help you maximize your uptime throughout the device lifecycle—helping you serve your customers wherever they are.

From design and prototyping to final assembly and shipping, we strive to be your one-stop interconnect partner.

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