Custom-Engineered Interconnect Solution

At ATL, we believe there’s a better way to bring medical devices to market. We use an engineer-to-engineer approach to develop custom interconnect solutions for medical devices that improve the quality of one’s life. 


Engineer-to-engineer means you work directly with our hands-on engineering team to design, develop, and manufacture your interconnect solution—no go-betweens, middlemen, or intermediators. 

Custom Interconnect Solutions

Your innovative device requires an interconnect that can survive through the entire product life cycle. We’ll help you design your interconnect solution—your connectorscable assembliesdistal interconnect, peripheral interconnect, and more—into your device, so you don’t have to use a sub-optimal, off-the-shelf solution. 

Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

Beyond interconnect development, we specialize in manufacturing complete devices where the interconnect is a driver of device function. As a vertically-integrated organization with global operations, we can provide support during all phases of your device life cycle—from design to full-scale production.