Electrosurgical Medical Devices

Acessa electrosurgical device Acessa electrosurgical device

As healthcare institutions strive to enhance patient outcomes and minimize hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), the demand for cutting-edge electrosurgical devices has intensified. ATL Technology has risen to meet this challenge, evolving from a specialized provider of complex interconnect solutions to a vertically integrated company capable of developing complete electrosurgical medical devices.


ATL offers comprehensive solutions that encompass all aspects of electrosurgical device development. 


From rapid and effective cutting, coagulation, and cauterization capabilities to uninterrupted power supply during surgical operations, our complete electrosurgical device capabilities bring peak performance and reliability to your electrosurgical device projects.  

ATL's engineer-to-engineer approach empowers our dedicated team to partner with you, overcoming challenges and tailoring solutions to meet your unique requirements. Count on ATL Technology to deliver the innovative electrosurgical devices you need to advance patient care and drive medical excellence.

Advancements in electrosurgical technology have revolutionized healthcare, enabling providers to enhance surgical efficiency and reduce infection risks. Handheld electrosurgical devices, including pencils, scalpels, forceps, needles, and more, are now commonplace, with over 80% of surgical procedures utilizing energy application devices.

While electrosurgical handpieces and handheld devices are common tools in the medical field, the constant drive for improved surgical outcomes places a premium on continuous innovation.

Our commitment to excellence doesn't end with interconnect solutions. We have expanded our capabilities to encompass the entire spectrum of electrosurgical devices. Collaborating closely with your medical device engineers, we create tailored and high-performance electrosurgical solutions that elevate surgical outcomes and redefine patient care.

Count on ATL Technology to be your dedicated partner in bringing cutting-edge electrosurgical devices to market, driving advancements in patient care and surgical excellence, and leading the future of healthcare innovation.

Introducing a cutting-edge, energy-driven, minimally invasive surgical device to the market presents unique challenges, especially amidst the evolving demands and constraints of the industry.

With continuous advancements in minimally invasive surgical devices, engineers face a growing mandate to deliver: enhanced functionality, increased power, and exceptional performance, all within a smaller footprint.

From laparoscopic surgery—enabling intricate analyses, dissections, and repairs through small incisions—to the expansive realm of endovascular procedures—with their diverse applications—minimally invasive surgical devices are revolutionizing patient care worldwide. 

At ATL Technology, we embrace this transformative journey, leveraging our expertise in complete device solutions to develop game-changing innovations that improve patient lives.

To ensure the seamless functionality of an electrosurgical device, it's crucial that the capital equipment powering the device and facilitating data transmission align precisely with the device's specific requirements.

The wire harnesses within this equipment play a pivotal role, requiring meticulous manufacturing and assembly to fully support the device's optimal performance.

Early consideration of the receptacle and connector interconnect during the capital equipment development process is key to achieving this level of precision.

Leveraging our extensive experience in wire harness fabrication, ATL develops and delivers custom wire harness assemblies that cater precisely to the demands of the ever-evolving electrosurgical capital equipment market. With decades of expertise in this area, we're committed to elevating the standards of electrosurgical device solutions.

Securing a partner with extensive electrosurgical expertise and unwavering technical support throughout your product's lifecycle is undoubtedly a challenging endeavor.

At ATL, we take pride in our engineer-to-engineer approach, ensuring direct collaboration with our hands-on engineering team from the product's inception to its evolution into version 2.0.

With our global manufacturing and engineering capabilities, you can rely on us as a steadfast partner, minimizing downtime and mitigating the risks of supply chain disruptions.

Contact us today to discover how ATL can be your trusted collaborator in bringing your exceptional electrosurgical device to market. We look forward to exploring the possibilities together.


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