The Critical Connection

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The Touchproof Advantage

By David Lewis | Dec 12, 2017

As anyone who has spent any time around young children, connectors—specifically to power—can be a catastrophic safety hazard.

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Final Wire Post

Cable 101: Jacketing and Which is Best for Your Application

By David Lewis | Dec 5, 2017

Whether you are producing a disposable medical device, a consumer charging cable, or a wire harness for a piece of capital equipment you must connect the different components together, the exterior of all of those wires is the Jacket. Before we discuss what the “Jacket” is, let establish the very basic anatomy of a wire. […]

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Cable 101: Shielding and Why it’s Important

By David Lewis | Nov 28, 2017

We’ve discussed the conductor and insulation for carrying the electrical charge and not losing the charge, but now the question is—how do we keep outside influences from interfering?

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Cable 101: Insulation and How it Helps

By David Lewis | Nov 20, 2017

How do we prevent the loss of the free-flowing electricity? Like a home keeping warm air in and cool air out in the winter, this is where wire insulation enters the picture.

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Cable 101: What is the Conductor?

By David Lewis | Nov 13, 2017

At the core of a wire is the conductor, the question is, do you need one, two, 8, or even more conductors in your wire to make your product function?

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The DNA of a Connector

By atltechnology | Oct 16, 2017

Connectors, like onions, can look so simple from the outside but as you peel back layer-by-layer and look a little deeper the true complexity becomes apparent.

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The ABCs of Connectors

By atltechnology | Oct 16, 2017

Chances are this morning you woke up, got ready for your day and unplugged at least one mobile device before scurrying out the door. Without knowing, connectors affect your life every day.

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The True Cost of Interconnect Solutions

By atltechnology | Oct 15, 2017

Everyone, no matter the industry, deals with the reality buzzkill of “what is the cost?” And the world of interconnects is no different.

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