Interconnect Diagrams: A Comprehensive Infographic

If you’ve never worked with one before, interconnect diagrams can appear confusing and complex. So, we created the infographic below to help demystify interconnect diagrams and provide a starting point for understanding the different components and configurations that make them work.

Download this infographic to better understand the difference between interconnect diagrams today.

Making The Right Connection

As a designer or engineer of electronics, there will come a time to find out whether the connectors are the weak point in the design or whether you have chosen the correct contact mechanism to ensure the best connection.

Identifying whether an interconnect is an OTU, a High Cycle Life or a Permanent connector will partially dictate what type of contact mechanism would be ideal for a project, but there are many more factors to consider when picking the right mechanism for you and your application. With this table, we’ve done some of that research for you. You’ll be able to compare and contrast a variety of contact mechanisms, how much the may cost, reliability with numerous matings and un-matings, and so forth.

Interconnect Project Checklist: What You Need to Know Before You Build a Successful Connection

When building a home, you have to have the blueprints. Have a marketing project you need done? A creative brief is what you are looking for. Before starting an interconnect project, there are a number of things you—and we—need to know to kick off a seamless, successful project. This checklist outlines a handful of datapoints you need to have—and engineers need to know—to deliver the best connection for you and your project.

IEC 60601 & 60512: 15 Minutes to Understand These Critical International Standards

The need for standards regulating the electronics design is paramount to the safety and market acceptance of electrical products worldwide. Compliance to IEC 60601 and IEC 60512 are a necessary requirement for the commercial electrical medical equipment in many countries. However, compliance and testing can be tricky to navigate. This paper outlines how, with an experienced engineering team, your organization can achieve compliance and prepare your medical device for market success.