Who We Are

Who We Are

Improving Lives Through Medical Device Innovation

ATL Technology is a full-service, vertically integrated, engineering and manufacturing partner to the top medical device OEMs in the world through the full product lifecycle.


But how did we get here?

How We Started

Before the inception of ATL Technology, there was a visionary idea.

While working at a local cable supplier, our founder, Brad Brown—a fellow engineer—envisioned a company where engineers could directly collaborate with customers, who were also engineers. This Engineer-to-Engineer concept aimed to identify customer needs accurately and design custom interconnect solutions to meet those needs.

Brad recognized that this approach could revolutionize the development process. By harnessing the combined expertise and capabilities of both parties, a tailored interconnect solution could be rapidly and effectively produced, surpassing conventional methods.

In 1993, shortly after conceiving this innovative approach, ATL Technology was born. Our mission was clear: to establish an engineering-centric company that facilitated direct collaboration between our customers' engineers and our own. By bypassing conventional purchasing methods, we prioritized personalized solutions that precisely matched customer requirements.

Our Transition to Full Medical Device Development

In 2005, ATL embarked on its journey of specializing in single-use medical devices. A decade later, in 2015, ATL Technology underwent a transformative shift, transitioning to comprehensive device development—an evolution attributed to our highly effective engineer-to-engineer approach.

Brad, our founder, affirms, "Our engineer-to-engineer approach, coupled with our meticulous product development process, has significantly benefited our customers. Over the years, we've partnered with top medical device OEMs, facilitating the introduction of unique and innovative products to the market."

He continues, "Our expertise has grown notably, particularly in areas like imaging, high-density interconnect, and use control. ATL has emerged as an industry leader in each of these spheres, including electro-surgical instruments. Rather than waiting for specifications, we proactively engage with engineers to understand their challenges, and then offer solutions."

This approach has unequivocally distinguished ATL from competitors, sidestepping conventional sales and marketing maneuvers in favor of direct engineer collaboration. It has also cultivated an intimate grasp of our customers' needs, enabling us to craft tailored solutions that adeptly address their precise challenges.

Where We Are Now

ATL’s client base now includes nine of the top ten medical device manufacturers worldwide, having established ourselves as a trusted partner in vital projects, and driving MedTech innovation through engineer collaboration, improving patients’ lives and shaping the medical device industry's future. 


ATL Technology Today

Vertically Integrated

Complete Medical Device Solutions

Global Supply Chain Excellence for Your Success

Trusted Partner

Vertically Integrated

ATL Technology's vertical integration in the medical device industry is a strategic advantage that offers end-to-end solutions for its OEM customers. With the ability to design, develop, and manufacture entire medical device systems, ATL simplifies the development process by serving as a single, trusted partner.

This integration allows ATL to provide highly customized solutions tailored to meet each customer's unique requirements. It ensures strict quality control, adherence to regulatory standards, and cost efficiencies that can benefit customers.

By offering a single point of accountability, ATL simplifies project management and communication, making it easier for customers to track progress and address any issues or changes. In summary, ATL Technology's vertical integration streamlines the development process, enhances product quality, and ensures regulatory compliance, ultimately benefiting customers in the dynamic field of medical devices.

Complete Medical Device Solutions

For years, we leveraged our engineer-to-engineer approach and experience developing custom interconnect solutions to overcome the challenges of the energy-driven device market.

Now, our vertical integration enables us to act as design, development, and full-service contract manufacturing partners to our OEM customers for complete medical device products. 

Global Supply Chain Excellence for Your Success

ATL Technology's supply chain strength is your strategic advantage. With manufacturing locations in the United States, Costa Rica, the UK, and China, we bring a world of possibilities to your doorstep. Here's how our supply chain benefits you:

Local and Global Reach: We're everywhere you need us to be. Our global presence ensures we can cater to your unique needs, whether you're down the street or across the world.

Vertical Integration: We do it all in-house. From design and development to manufacturing, our seamless integration guarantees quality, efficiency, and faster time-to-market.

Quality Assurance: Excellence is our standard. Rigorous quality control measures at every stage mean your products meet regulations and exceed expectations.

Flexibility and Options: Your needs, your choices. We offer nearshoring, offshoring, and reshoring options, giving you the flexibility to align with your specific requirements.

Global Standards and Expertise: We know the world of regulations and standards. With global operations, we ensure compliance, instilling confidence in you and your end-users.

Resilience and Responsiveness: We adapt to your needs. Whether it's scaling up or pivoting quickly, we ensure you receive uninterrupted service and support.

ATL Technology's global supply chain is your pathway to success, delivering competitive advantages in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Trusted Partner

In the dynamic landscape of medical device longevity, products can endure for years, often spanning decades of service.

Vendors and suppliers do not have the capacity to accompany a product through its entire lifecycle. This enduring role can only be fulfilled by a partner. 

At ATL Technology, our commitment transcends mere transactional engagements. We endeavor to be the partner you can unequivocally rely on, providing steadfast support from the project's inception to the production of the final component. This enduring commitment is a key reason why 9 of the top 10 leading medical device companies in the world repeatedly entrust their projects to us.

Our customer-centric ethos drives us to assimilate your project as if it were our own, fostering innate transparency and mutual accountability. This alignment guarantees that we share the same objectives and jointly strive for shared success.

For a comprehensive understanding of ATL and how our expertise can propel your next energy-driven device to the market, we invite you to explore our brochure.

Meet The Executives

Joe Glover, CEO of ATL Technology Joe Glover, CEO of ATL Technology
Joe Glover, CEO

Joe graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. After discovering his passion for the medical device industry, he transitioned to roles in sales engineering and leadership positions within the interconnect and life sciences sectors. With a strong background in sales, product development, and strategic leadership, Joe brought his expertise to ATL as the CEO in July 2022.

Having been on ATL’s Board of Directors for over 6 years, Joe helped to define ATL’s strategic vision and the roadmap for the company to achieve it. Since becoming the CEO, he has spearheaded ATL's expansion, increasing the number of sites from 3 to 4, with locations in Utah, China, Costa Rica, and the addition of Wales as the fourth site. Joe's strategic vision and commitment to meeting customer needs have propelled ATL's internal growth and market presence.

Joe's dedication extends beyond the boardroom; he enjoys spending time with his family, especially boating and fishing. He and his wife reside in southern California with their four daughters, three of whom are in college and one in elementary school.

David Smith, COO David Smith, COO
David Smith, Chief Operations Officer

Before ATL, Smith served as President of Silex Technology America Inc., a premier wireless product networking solutions provider. Throughout his 15-year career at Silex Technology, Inc., a Japanese corporation, he held several international leadership positions involving Europe, China, Japan, India, and the Americas.

With a unique combination of engineering, leadership, and sales and marketing, Smith has taken a customer-centric approach to lead organizations in their strategic initiatives to achieve profitable growth in various market segments within the medical and industrial business-to-business space. 

Smith holds a bachelor’s degree in ceramic engineering from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. He and his wife, Cynthia, reside in Utah and have two daughters.

Rob Bonatakis, Chief Financial Officer for ATL Technology Rob Bonatakis, Chief Financial Officer for ATL Technology
Rob Bonatakis, Chief Financial Officer

Rob's journey to ATL Technology follows a notable tenure as CFO of Spectrum Plastics Group, where his financial stewardship was instrumental in the company's acquisition by DuPont de Nemours, Inc. Rob's comprehensive finance, accounting, and executive expertise in legal, real estate, IT, and risk management spheres are a natural complement to ATL's ethos of excellence in medical device quality and innovation.

Rob's professional experience is deeply rooted in the manufacturing sector, which values precision—a fitting backdrop for ATL's stringent quality and excellence in medical device design and manufacturing. His academic credentials are just as robust, holding a bachelor's degree in finance with a minor in economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and an MBA focused on corporate finance and accounting from Georgia State University.

Rob's proven track record in driving results and spurring growth is invaluable to ATL. He is pivotal in advancing ATL Technology's strategic initiatives, aimed at enhancing the company’s capabilities and driving global expansion, with a steadfast commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards for our customers.

Braden Ta'ala VP of  Engineering Braden Ta'ala VP of  Engineering
Braden Ta'ala, Vice President of Engineering

Braden started his career as a mechanical engineer in the composite aerospace industry. After a few years of proprietary manufacturing, tooling, and fuselage design, Braden joined the ATL Technology team in 2009, where his passion for MedTech and joint development manufacturing solutions was born. 

After four years of connector, cable, and medical device engineering, Braden had the opportunity to focus on developing his management and organizational abilities at a mid-size consumer company, where he organized an engineering and quality department with new and improved processes. 

Two years later, Braden returned to ATL and is now the Vice President of Engineering. Over the years, his passion for engineering has evolved to include developing and managing individuals and teams alike to achieve success.

Braden and his wife have two children. He loves rebuilding muscle cars and making his wife's hobby farm dreams come true.

Zane Daggett, VP of Sales and Marketing for ATL Technology Zane Daggett, VP of Sales and Marketing for ATL Technology
Zane Daggett, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

As Global VP of Sales & Marketing of ATL Technology, Zane is responsible for executing the sales strategic plan and building the right sales team. He prides himself on being a manager of the company, and not a salesperson. With over 25 years of direct hands-on experience in manufacturing, operations, sales, and marketing, he is always eager to share his passion for helping clients meet their needs, mutual growth, and motivating his sales team to meet their objectives.

Zane has served as Vice President in various sales and leadership roles with Hitachi Metals, Marmon Aerospace & Defense, Daifuku, Meritec, and Virginia Panel. He has co-authored two industry standards for the ANSI T.10 committee, written numerous white papers on cable production and testing, and offered classes on wire, cable design, and testing to hundreds of students.

Zane enjoys training his German Shepherd Dog for competition in the sport of Schutzhund and competes at the national level with aspirations to make it onto the world stage.

Danelle Goulet, VP of HR Danelle Goulet, VP of HR
Danelle Goulet, Vice President of Human Resources

As our Vice President of Human Resources at ATL Technology, Danelle Goulet is at the forefront of orchestrating the company’s HR strategic initiatives and fostering a vibrant work environment. With an extensive background spanning various international locations and major corporations such as IBM and Amgen, she brings over two decades of experience in talent acquisition and regional HR leadership roles.

Prior to her current position, Danelle served as the VP of Human Resources & Facilities at Advanced Input Systems, managing HR functions across a diverse range of international offices including in China, Germany, Taiwan, the US, and the UK. Her early career, predominantly based in Asia, has provided her with a rich understanding of the global HR landscape and the unique challenges and opportunities it presents.

A graduate of the University of Idaho, Danelle holds a BA in Political Science and Spanish, underlining her capability to navigate complex international human resource issues. She is particularly skilled in establishing HR programs from scratch, applying keen business acumen, and adopting a strategic partnering approach to align HR initiatives with business goals.

Away from the corporate world, Danelle enjoys exploring the scenic landscapes of Idaho, indulging her love for outdoor adventures, and spending quality time with her family. She is enthusiastic about bringing her passion for people, her wealth of experience, and her unique perspective to ATL Technology, contributing to the company’s ongoing success and growth.

ATL Technology Board of Directors

Brad Brown Brad Brown
Executive Chairman: Bradford Brown
Stephen Babson Stephen Babson
Stephen Babson
David Goldberg David Goldberg
David Goldberg
Joe Glover, CEO of ATL Technology Joe Glover, CEO of ATL Technology
Joe Glover
Vic Petroff Vic Petroff
Vic Petroff
Katina Koller Katina Koller
Katina Koller
Daniel Kunst Daniel Kunst
Daniel Kunst