Patient Monitoring Systems

In 1924, Dutch physician Willem Einthoven was awarded the Nobel Prize for inventing a system in 1895 that could monitor the electrical currents produced by a beating heart.

This system, known as an “electrocardiogram” (“ECG” or “EKG”), enabled physicians to detect cardiac abnormalities and problems that were previously undetectable.

More than a century later, the ECG—albeit a much more advanced version of the 1895 product—is still being used in hospitals around the world.

Though the ECG itself is a technology that revolutionized the healthcare industry, many advances in the field of patient monitoring systems have helped healthcare providers improve people’s lives.

With the rise of wearables, remote patient monitoring, and other monitoring mechanisms, bringing new patient monitoring systems to market can be a difficult task—it requires an understanding of biomechanics, interconnect systems, and wireless technology.

At ATL, we leverage our engineer-to-engineer approach to help many of the top medical device companies develop custom interconnect solutions for their patient monitoring systems.

Through our experience and expertise working on cutting-edge patient monitoring technology, we can help you create a custom interconnect solution that won’t miss a beat.


Patient monitoring system developed in partnership with ATL.

Non-Invasive Patient Monitoring Devices

The ability to collect uninterrupted, accurate patient diagnostics before, during, and after surgery is a key concern for healthcare providers.

Accomplishing this task without surgically implanting a device in the body to do so is a goal for healthcare institutions and medical device companies alike.

Advances in non-invasive patient monitoring devices and techniques are helping organizations achieve this goal.

Next-generation ultrasound devices coupled with cutting-edge continuous patient monitoring technologies have helped improve physicians’ diagnostic capabilities without the use of invasive techniques.

At ATL, our experience developing innovative ultrasound devices enables us to help you create a custom interconnect solution that can help your non-invasive patient monitoring devices provide an accurate diagnostic picture when it’s needed the most.

Wearable Medical Devices

Wearable medical devices are transforming the healthcare landscape.

The ability to have important diagnostic information transmitted from a patient to a doctor who may be miles apart is leading the way to reduced hospital stay time and improved patient recovery.

Remote patient monitoring technology also puts healthcare providers in a better position to detect health irregularities before they become problems.

Beyond the doctor-patient setting, wearable products are helping people live healthier by tracking their personal health information and using machine-learning to crunch the data for actionable insights.

Developing wearable medical devices that collect and provide accurate data can be challenging.

It requires knowledge of wireless technology, miniaturization techniques, data transmission, and the various forms of docking and charging requirements.

At ATL, we leverage our experience working on cutting-edge wearable technology to help you develop a custom interconnect solution that will enable your wearable medical device to accurately collect important patient diagnostics and transmit that information to the right person at the right time.

Support From Beginning to End

As can be seen from the ECG story above, patient monitoring systems can stay on the market for decades after they launch.

Finding a partner who can support you throughout the lifespan of your patient monitoring product is a difficult task.

At ATL, we utilize an engineer-to-engineer approach to ensure that you work directly with our hands-on engineering team from the day your product designed to the day the last part is produced.

Combined with our global manufacturing and engineering capabilities, we’re designed to maximize your uptime and mitigate the risk of supply chain disruptions.

To learn more about how ATL can partner with you to bring your patient monitoring system to market, contact us today.


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