ATL’s Total Quality Commitment

“ATL is committed to:

  • Delivering greater customer satisfaction through continual improvement in quality, service, and value;
  • Understanding, Following, and Maintaining an effective quality management system that supports achieving company quality objectives;
  • Complying with relevant customer and regulatory requirements;
  • Realizing that the quality of our work impacts end users, patients, and other associates.”

Our first focus at ATL is getting the product right. We understand that there is a wide range of consequences of an inferior or unsafe product. People depend on our products, sometimes to get a job done, sometimes to stay alive.

Knowing this, we strive to bring you the best that we can offer. This starts with our suppliers. We’ve taken a quality initiative to define for ourselves where we can obtain the materials that live up to our expectations.

We use these materials to create exceptional products that are rigorously tested from engineering to the factory floor. ATL works hard to continuously improve the processes we follow to design, prototype and manufacture products that fit the needs of our clients. We can stand behind our products because we know we can backup each stage of the development.

Whether the product is developed in┬áthe U.S., Costa Rica, or China, it will comply with the regulations and expectations of the FDA as well as the ISO’s 13485 and 9001 ┬áregulatory standards. Each facility is frequently audited to ensure that standards are being maintained.

This drive for quality applies to the customer experience as well. Transparency and honesty are paramount in every step of the process. As a client, you should feel that you can know and understand what is happening on the other end of a phone line or email.

You will have confidence in your product knowing ATL Technology is your Contract Manufacturer.