MD&M West 2023 Tech Talk: Trending Now in Medical Wearables

In this tech talk, Brandon Tillman joins special guest speaker Dr. Del Lawson from 3M to lead a discussion on what is Trending Now in Medical Wearables. The discussion explores: the latest trends in the marketplace, key considerations that design engineers need to know when approaching their projects, specifics on how leveraging 3M Science of skin will improve wearable performance and user experience, how FDA regulations are influencing designs, and more.


MD&M West 2023 Tech Talk: Chip-On-Tip® Technology Answers Miniaturization Demands for Medical Imaging

You’ll learn about:

• The importance of illumination

• Straddle Mount Designs

• A shift towards single-use, disposable camera assemblies


MD&M West 2023 Tech Talk: Interconnect Solutions in Modern Electrophysiology

You’ll learn about:

• High-density mapping

• Ergonomic interconnect designs

• Making the future of combining mapping and ablation into one catheter solution possible


Engineer-to-Engineer Series: Automated Assembly of a DB9 Connector with a Custom PCB on an SMT Line

At ATL Technology, we believe there is a better way to bring medical devices to market. Manufacturing automation is an important part of this process.

In this Engineer-to-Engineer series video, Nicholas Merriman outlines our automation process for DB9 connectors with custom PCBs.


Engineer-to-Engineer Series: Flex Assemblies

Flex assemblies, or flexible printed circuits, have become a key feature of medical device wearables due to their ability to mold to shapes found in the body. Hearing aids, vitals sensors, and many other wearables utilize FPCs for this reason.

Watch as Jamie Shand, Global NPI Supervisor of our Point of Care business unit kicks off our first-ever Engineer to Engineer Series by outlining the pros and cons of flex assemblies in medical device wearables, the process of working with FPCs, and ATL’s capabilities in this space.


Exploring Trends in Medical Imaging and Their Impact on Next Generation Devices

Trends for miniaturization are enabling the addition of visibility to devices that had not previously incorporated any imaging technology.

In this webinar, ATL Technology’s Imaging and Delivery Device experts will discuss these trends as well as the FDA Directive for single-use devices, the importance of the complete imaging system, and common challenges as well as design solutions that we’re seeing as a result of these trends.


Medical Device Wearables: What is the future, and what do design engineers need to know?

This Webinar Covers the Following Topics:
• The Latest Trends Influencing Medical Wearables
• The Future Landscape
• Current Limitations
• The recent FDA Directive

Listening to the Market when Designing and Developing a Miniaturized HD Connector

This year, we went #BeyondWest to find a better way to bring the next-generation of custom interconnect solutions to market.

Check out our exclusive technical speaking session in which our Director of Product Development—Braden Ta’ala—discusses the designing and developing a miniaturized hd connector.

Camera-based Devices: Transitioning from Development Phase to Full Scale Production

This year, we went #BeyondWest to find a better way to bring the next-generation of custom interconnect solutions to market.

Check out our exclusive technical speaking session in which our VP of Engineering—Ryan Kunz—discusses the future of the camera-based device market.